Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rising Moon Birth Fund

What is a Birth Fund?
A birth fund helps to fund the cost of the sevices of a midwife for people who could not otherwise afford it. Rising Moon Birth Fund seeks to make homebirth a viable option for families with financial obstacles through fundraising, outreach, and education.

Why homebirth?
For many people homebirth is simply the only option which matches their belief systems. Some have had to endure painful hospital experiences which alert them to the arbitrary nature of protocols in place there. For some it is a gradual education process which begins when the first visits to the local obstetrician end poorly and the family begins to seek other options. Some have several children before finally realizing homebirth was right for them all along. Some want control of the labor process, impossible with managed care, others want control of what happens to their baby in the hours after birth. Some want God to lead the process and others want to be simply left alone. What bonds homebirthers together, because they come from all walks of life and all income levels and all religions and creeds, is a need to be at home and undisturbed and to let nature take its course gently and easily. Birth at home is remarkably simple and comparatively easier than hospital birth. 90-95% of the time the baby is born at home and is healthy after a labor which while longer is often more pleasant than the typical medical birth experience. You can labor in water, move around to be comfortable, you can eat. You can let the aches and pains of a healthy muscular system work the way they should, and scream or cry or be totally silent. Your toddler can run around and your husband can be where you both feel safe and protected. To labor in your own big bed, and deliver there, and stay there and spend the night is such a gentle process. No wheeled transport, or little plastic boxes for the baby, your arms do just fine. Midwives clean up the mess and chat about the beauty of what they just saw and leave you comfy and clean.

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